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As company leadership, you ask yourself:

  • How can we grow?
  • What is the future of our business, our employees, and our clients?
  • How can we begin this process of improvement?

And also

  • Who can we trust to help?

An engagement may be comprehensive and expand across your full organization, or it may be pin-pointed to overcome a specific issue or bottleneck, such as to complete a project or outsource a need or segment of your business plan. They can also be used to complete a project or outsource a need or segment of your business plan. Four Leaf works closely with your leadership to identify pain points, develop a project plan, implement the appropriate process, and measure success. We believe our clients can benefit from thoughtful advice from an experienced business consultant who is dedicated to providing critical commentary to inspire effective plans, implement changes, provide assistance, and achieve measurable goals.

Four Leaf specializes in several key elements of business strategy improvement to help companies achieve their goals. Our clients may come to us with specific areas or goals in mind, and we will conduct an overall business review or an engagement that is a more organic approach that will develop as we begin to work with your leadership. Areas of strategic experience include the following:

  • growth strategy and initiatives
  • leadership and decision making
  • succession planning
  • financial evaluation and review
  • profitability
  • productivity
  • capital needs and sources
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • M&A due diligence
  • IT and cybersecurity
  • corporate structure
  • human capital and benefits
  • vendors contracts and outsourcing
  • compliance and regulatory
  • business development marketing
  • legal liaison
  • real estate and leasing
  • joint ventures


Through our consultation and implementation process, we help businesses establish strategic planning initiatives and a path forward for the future success of their company.

Each engagement is tailored specific for each company, but not all engagements require a full comprehensive business review. A comprehensive review would follow a process that includes the following components:

Your People

We will spend time with ownership to understand your needs, goals, resources, and restrictions. In addition, we will interview management and employees to understand their initiatives, workflows, and thoughts on the company and industry.

Your Documents

We will review your corporate, legal, policy, and financial documents to understand your ownership structure, decision-making process, financial stability, capital structure, profitability, human resource, and compliance or regulatory policies.

Your Industry

We will review your competitors and industry data to evaluate available competitor financial metrics, strategy, growth plans, marketing, outreach, and other factors.

Preliminary Reveal and Status Updates

We will meet with ownership and management to discuss our early findings and determine the focus of our next phase. With ownership’s buy-in on our areas to focus, we will continue to the Deep Dive stage of the process.

Deep Dive

Based on our common focus shared with your leadership team, we will move forward with our analysis. The Deep Dive will involve a more thorough review of the documentation, including a review of back-up materials to support the financial statements, prior business growth or setbacks, workflow walkthroughs, roles and functions in the company, and the various policies and procedures.

Through our Deep Dive, we become better equipped to provide you with the analysis and advice you need to gain results and achieve your goals.

Formal Reveal

Communication is key when it comes to the planning and execution of an effective business improvement plan. As we wrap up our Deep Dive, we will meet with ownership and leadership to present a report of our findings that will outline our advice and recommendations, as well as our suggestions for implementation to move forward in achieving your identified goals.

Strategic Planning

Equipped with our findings and advice, company management will be better prepared to work with Four Leaf to establish a strategic plan for implementing our suggestions in the most efficient and effective manner. Together, we will craft the strategic plan to identify the resources needed, a practical timeline, and the path to achieving goals.


Ready to start achieving real, quantifiable results? It’s time to start implementing the changes we’ve identified and execute the strategic plan we’ve built together. We will work with you on integrating the strategic plan into your company’s workflow.

Goal Measurement

You depend on results to measure the success of your company. During the previous stages, we will have developed alongside you measurable goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as your plan is implemented. Leadership will have a tool to measure the success of engagement to assist in the ongoing management of your company.