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You may or may not have made the decision to sell your business. Let’s discuss—why a sale? What are the pros and cons of selling? What will the process be like? Are there any alternatives to a sale? Let’s also review or develop your succession plan, your goals, and your next steps. What actions will be the best for your business, your clients, your ownership, and your employees?

Four Leaf Business Consulting supports clients throughout this complex process—from identifying your goals through the final transaction.

The decision to sell your business is monumental. We get that. The physical, mental, and emotional work involved in the consideration and execution of a business sale means owners and leadership are faced with a difficult path before them. What’s more, the conversations and decisions made in the presale stage are critical, capable of having a colossal impact on the valuation of your business, start of negotiations, the final outcome of the sale, and your personal professional future.

These are huge elements to analyze and consider on top of the day-to-day work of keeping your business operating. You’ve spent years building your business into one you can be proud of, and it deserves the same care and attention during the sales process. You need to run your business and have a trusted advisor be your advocate to guide you through the presale and sale process.

Before you officially hit the ground running and “go to market,” it’s important to prepare yourself to frame your business and showcase its value and growth potential. To get the best possible results from the sale of your business, it’s essential to highlight and enhance the quality of your assets and emphasize the value of your offering. There is an important story to tell about the uniqueness of your business, your history, your people, and your clients, and these all have value that may not come out “in the data.” We need to present what you have to offer—to enhance your first impression on the market.

At Four Leaf, we understand the importance of first impressions and their impact on your professional and financial futures. You need to be prepared well before a potential buyer makes that first offer, and we want to help you avoid an uphill battle in negotiation.

Getting to know you is crucial to us, and we will spend time alongside you to truly understand your goals, your business, and your industry to prepare you to showcase the value in your offering and make your transaction a success.

A Guiding Hand on the Way to the Sale.

The discussions you have and steps you take presale can be critical to the valuation of your company and the outcome of both the sales process and your future.

Let us spend time with you to understand your goals and your business, as well as review your industry to prepare you for a potential sale. We can work with you to provide discussion, advice, and analysis around the following:

  1. Goals What are your goals? What is the best transaction to help achieve your goals—sale, merger, raise capital, financing, etc.?
  2. Future How do you see the future of your ownership, management team, employees, and clients?
  3. Unique What makes your firm unique? What is a value add of your firm that a buyer should know? How do you monetize that?
  4. Financial We will conduct a presale financial review of your P&Ls, historical trends, and revenue/earnings growth, as well as an analysis of your pro forma EBITDA. We will also properly present formatted financials as a key to obtaining a quality offer from a buyer.
  5. Ownership We will conduct a review of your ownership structure and the impact of a sale on your owners and different share/partner classes.
  6. People and Expertise Your people and expertise in your field may have value above the P&L statement. The talent you have accumulated and retained has value.
  7. Services and Clients We will analyze growth history, review fee schedules, costs of services, client relationships, and tenure.
  8. Infrastructure What differentiates you in the non-client or non-service area, i.e. operations, reporting, compliance, office space/leasing, marketing, or branding?

Throughout this process, Four Leaf is committed to being your partner as we work together to achieve your goals through our relationship built upon a foundation of both data and trust.

The market’s first impression of both the analytical and intangible values that make you unique is an essential part of the sales process.