A more economical way to bring on a seasoned CFO with more than 25 years of experience

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For many firms, the Chief Financial Officer role is often a “part-time” function of a senior partner and is shared with the accounting department. Many firms since their formation had decided to forgo the establishment of an official and often costly position for Chief Financial Officer (CFO). However, as companies grow, it becomes increasingly necessary to obtain supervision over critical financial functions, including management reporting, industry competitiveness, future growth, and possible business transactions. Even further, we’re here to provide much needed support and relief to the owners and managers that have so far been responsible for wearing the “CFO hat.”

But is there a more economic way to bring on a seasoned CFO with more than 25 years of experience?

Consider a fractional or “outsourced” CFO.

By working with Four Leaf, businesses benefit from the professional help of a fractional CFO with more than two decades of experience in corporate finance, leadership, and management.

Our CFO will be able to bring a finance role into your management team. We will spend the time to understand your finances, your accounting department, and its operations, and we will provide much needed support to this department and that of management. Services may include the following: a review of finance and business goals and current concerns of management, assistance with essential accounting functions, timely completion of meaningful management reports, and assistance with the implementation of changes to the finance department.

A Four Leaf fractional CFO offers clients the peace of mind they need to operate without being overwhelmed by the complex and time-consuming financial side of the business.

Below are just some of the most significant benefits to working with a CFO outsourced to Four Leaf Business Consulting:

  • enhanced financial reporting
  • effective implementation of financial initiatives
  • finance department management and budgeting
  • finance advice and resource for management

With a fractional CFO, companies can find comfort in working with an experienced financial professional on their own schedule—whether it be once a month or once a quarter. Companies can economically utilize an experienced CFO.

A CFO You Can Depend On, Without the Full-Time Price Tag.